5 Most Interesting And Unique Online Games To Play

Who does not like games. And especially a game platform where you can interact with other people from around the globe. It just makes the experience a hundred times better. There is just no doubt about that. When you are tired or stressed a few minutes into your favorite game just does the trick. And we all know no one just plays their favorite game for just a couple of minutes. As soon as we start a game we dive into a different dimension altogether, thrusting away the adrenaline rust throughout our system.

Experiencing the various types of emotions all at one go is totally a blissful experience. And only a gamer would know the feeling to be honest. To fulfill our these requirements of adrenaline rush and emotions, the gaming industry has always come up with new and awesome up-gradation and gaming concepts to keep us at our toes all this time. And this year is no different. There have been a number of online games making its way into our chart, which will surely grasp your attention.

So without any delay let’s get started with our countdown.


This game tops our list. From the name itself, you can get a pretty good idea about the game. The ones who already know about this game well you obviously know how people are getting addicted to it. And if there is any all-time Counter-Strike fan, then this might be just the perfect CS alternative for your Android device. Yes, it is mainly an android based game platform where the only thing you need to do is kill some random player who must be sitting miles away from you in the other side of the world. You can talk in the game, you can ride cars and bikes, you can loot. Basically, you can do anything except for just maybe just go and cook some meal. It is just the best game when you are feeling low, or need to do something to just kill your boredom or come out of the everyday hectic life. There are no specific stages in it so you do not need to worry about your development or any of that stuff.

And the most important thing about this game is the last man or woman standing. Other than this you need not think hard in this game. The certain things however you will need are good shooting skills, good hand over your Android touch screen and a bit of gamer blood along with some good reflex thinking. You have all these qualities then you have all that it takes to set your feet on the field of PUBG. And actually, it literally is a big field with houses and trees and deserts.

And lastly, the most important thing which I almost forgot is that this game will obviously make you laugh your ass out when you see other players doing all kinds of foolish and stupid things inside the game. Although your character would not be any better. Many a time you will laugh at your own character half of the time. And it all gets better when the other person you are about to kill is making all kinds of false promises to you. This is one experience you cannot let go off.

This game comes in all platforms like Windows, Xbox One and most importantly Android and iOS. Thus, enabling you to carry the fun where ever you go. The only extra thing you will require is an internet connection. Also, it is totally free so you need not spend a dime on it.


This game has been developed by the well, so to say decorated game developer group Epic Games. And those of you aware of Epic Games and their games no further detailed explanation is really required. They simply hold up to their name in creating some actual “epic” games. And among those games, the most recent game making its way to the surface is FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE. Its gameplay is quite similar to that of PUBG where the last man or team standing wins off the game. But, the other awesome feature about this game is the ability it gives the players to break and make use of objects to build their own fortification and thus the name FORTNITE Battle Royale. It gives you quite the actual battle feeling. It currently can hold up to a hundred players where players can make a group of four each. Hence giving each individual player four three extra helping hands.

It too comes in platforms for Windows, macOS, Xbox, PS4, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Android.


As crazy as the name sounds so is the game. It is not really a league about literal rockets. But it is more of a soccer game between cars. I know right what bizarre concept is this. But, as bizarre as the game concept, more fun is the gameplay of this game.
In this game, you have a rocket-powered car with the help of which you need to score a goal into the opponent’s goal. You can have a team of four cars. Since it is an online multi-player game so obviously the other cars will have a brain of their own. So it is completely up to you and your teammates to set the coordination right and give a tight competition to your opponents. Soccer is always fun be it on the actual field or on a device. And I guess you will find soccer more engrossing when you try it out with cars. Not the actual ones though but the ones in the game. So give it a try and have a blast.

The game currently comes for platforms Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Nintendo Switch and also Linux. So for those Linux users out there, you should definitely give this game a go.


Rated 9/10 on Stream, this game is obviously one of the most popular online strategy games on the Internet at present. It is a free to play the online battle game which gives you a fine taste of strategy and game planning. There are basically two teams with a maximum of five players. There is a wide map and each player has his or her own base which obviously needs to be protected and has a hero which needs to be made powerful as the game proceeds. There is player vs player combat so it is more of a one to one fight among mythical characters. And the way you win the game is by destroying the opposing team’s base structure which in the game is called Ancient. I just don’t know how they came up with that name. Now, who would name a base Ancient?

There are many more things in the game which obviously I should not spoil for you. But, let you experience the game on your own and get a hold of all such cool stuff in the game. Since it is one of the most played games on Stream. So obviously it needs to have something awesome in it to attract such a huge number of gamers.

Currently, the game is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. So, if you are on any of these OS, you are all set to experience the life in the arena.


Last but not the least we have with us Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We can never forget the decorated game of all time. How can we ? If you are a gamer then at least once in your gaming life you have come across this game. Although there is no real need to say what this game is and the game can do still let me just add in a few points.

This game to be very honest have been a boon to many, from students in hostels and dorms to people who would like to experience the situations of live shootouts.

There are basically to sides in this game. The Counter-Terrorist and the Terrorist. You obviously can be in any one of this team and each team can consist of a wide number of players. If you are a Counter-terrorist than either you need to save some hostage from the Terrorists or save the day by diffusing a bomb planted by the Terrorist and if you are on the side of the Terrorist than basically you have to save your butt from the CT squad and not allow them to rescue your imprisoned hostages or you simply need to plant a bomb and wait till it explodes.

This game itself is a time killer. You just cannot keep track of time once you start playing it. You will not know what I am talking about till you play it. You just cannot. You also get to choose and buy your required gears and guns from the inventory section of the game.

It is available for platforms Windows OS, OS X, PlayStation 3, Linux, Xbox and Xbox 360. And be it any online game our dear CS will always make it to the list. After all, it is decorated game of the age.

NOTE: The list of the games are not presented out in any ordered form. Thus, there is no comparison between them. Each game has its own unique gameplay and different unique features due to which each game makes a different impact on the one playing it. The list is totally based on the top popular and trending online games of the year 2018.