Internet Censorship Bypass With Psiphon

Internet censorship which is blocking website’s like facebook, google+ etc. In this post I’am going to show you an tool which is able to bypass internet censorship and gives you the power of visiting and downloading from any website you want. The name of the tool is Psiphon 3. It is an very powerfull tool to bypass censorship.

What is Psiphon ?

Psiphone is designed to evade internet censorship. It gives the power to browse any website arount the globe and it helps to hide real IP address of the user. It is an vpn service. It is written by Citizen Lab researchers. It has three types of combination which is SSH+, VPN, SSH. If you want know more about the psiphon software visit this article “Psiphon 3 Install In Your Computer For Easy Use”.

The best feature of psiphon is it has multiple transport system, that means if any one protocol is blocked by any means it will automatically switch to another mechanism. For an example like internet censorship in china, In china OpenVPN connections are blocked for that there is an alternative psiphon switches to SOCKS Proxy over an SSH tunnel.

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Phisphon is only available for Windows and Android Operating system’s. You can download psiphon from the given link below and enjoy web browsing without block. In the earlier post on psiphon I showed you how to use psiphon and install it on your computer for easy use.

Download Link :-

Speed test after connecting psiphon :-

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Without connecting Psiphon :-

connection without psiphon

Connecting through SSH+

connection with psiphon SSH+

Connecting through VPN

connection with psiphon VPN

Connecting through SSH

connection with psiphon SSH

If you have any doubt regarding psiphon comment below or if you used this service before than share your experience in comments. We could love to hear from you guys. If you like this post share with your friends.

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  1. how to see the proxy setting address used during psiphon connection (i.e ip and open port number).

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