TCS Ultimatix Touch App Mobile Helpdesk Number Portal For Employees

Generally, most of the companies are keenly working on providing the best facilities to TCS Ultimatix employees. This thing makes the employees feel more comfortable to handle whatever they want without making any difficulties. In this case, companies generally have their official ERP portal for providing the services like HR related work, salary, timesheet and more. This kind of services is mainly used by the companies which have more than lakhs of employees working over there. Likewise, TCS Ultimatix is also working on this service for their employers.

As we all know that TCS is considered as a huge organization with lakhs of employees working under this company across the globe. So, the service like ERP portal is very useful for the TCS employees. One should know to handle this kind of situation which is handling the employees it actually needs the scalable system. In this case, Ultimatix TCS plays the major role in its ultimate service among the employees. TCS Ultimatix is said to be the official portal for offering the services to the employees who are in needs.


TCS Ultimatix Changes in domain

When it comes to this portal, it is said to be the essential thing among the employees of TCS. For your information, it can be mainly handled by all the TCS employees. As per the sources, employees who all are handling this service through the portal are changed. The services provided by the portal have all the functions remain same which means it has not changed. But the site URL of Ultimatix TCS has been changed from to For your information, it will actually help the employees to connect it digitally.

However, the working system of a portal has not changed. If you are the employee who was utilizing the service through Ultimatix portal for a long time, don’t need to show their worry. It actually works as the same domain. Also, you might not find any differences between the previous one and a current one.


Exciting features of TCS Ultimatix

Before using this ultimate portal by the employers, it needs to be known well by them. If you are a fresher, then knowing about the features will help you to use this portal in a right way. For those people who all are seeking for the features to know can follow below. Hope it will be helpful for all the new joiners and who aren’t aware of TCS Ultimatix.

  • By login into TCS Ultimatix, you can easily download your payslip that whenever you want.
  • If you are looking for the time sheet, yes, it will also provide you with an updated level of the timesheet with clear schedule for all the employees.
  • You can able to know about the sections like promotions and hike in the salaries.
  • It also helps to manage all the allowances and PF in secret wallet which is more secure.
  • Ultimatix helps you to ping directly to your HR.
  • By using this application, you can able to download joining letter, bonafide letter, appointment letter and more.
  • You can easily manage provident fund and allowances.
  • It also has the option to request leave from your supervisor. Once if you get approval, you can take leave.
  • By using this application, you can also find the other employee contact details along with the work where they involved in it.

Global Helpdesk number

Generally, in every portal, you can find the easy way to handle at any time. For example, if you forgot the password to log in, then the issue may arise. Otherwise, you should seek for the higher authorities to solve this issue. Sometimes, if your login is suspended, it will also lead to big issue or it will make you feel annoyed. At this condition, TCS Ultimatix comes with the best solution for all the TCS employees. All you just need to get contact with Global helpdesk number. It is absolutely easy for you to contact and see the solution at anytime. If you are really suffering from login or some other issues, you can use global helpdesk number to get sorted in a short span of time. Hope it will be helpful for all the employees to get back their account in an easy manner.

TCS Ultimatix app

On the other side, employees who all are looking for the account to handle in an easy way they can make use of another good option. If you are feeling really hard to handle this portal on your device then here is an exciting option that you can make use of it. For your information, TCS Ultimatix is available on both the Google PlayStore and iOS AppStore. So, the employees who all are seeking for this application on your device can easily download and install then access it at any time. Moreover, the working process is absolutely smooth in terms of accessing. Also check out awesome Psiphon 3 app.

Applicable for TCS employers

As we all know that most of the people are seeking for this application to check out that what it actually has in its kit. Unfortunately, this application of TCS Ultimatix is mainly developed for the TCS employees. So, the employees only can handle this portal on their device regarding their work. For your information, TCS Ultimatix is developed for the individuals that who want to get into the site. When it comes to usage, it is highly flexible for the users to handle at a time. As we mentioned earlier, this application is mainly developed for TCS employees all across the globe.


To get the best service regarding your work visiting Ultimatix TCS is the only and best option to handle for all the time. Before getting involved into this, you can have a look at the features given above. Also, the user can not only visit the portal on sites but they can directly handle the portal through application downloading on their device for free. It helps all the employees to run this application in an easy way without making any difficulties.

TV Portal App Apk Download for PC/Android [Version 1.1.19]

Watching movies is the best way to pass your free time without interrupting anyone and guess what in technology era we even don’t need TV or desktop computers to watch our favorite movies and shows because we can do that with our mobiles too. A mobile App called TV Portal is available for you which you can TV Portal Download in your android mobiles.TV Portal App Apk Download for PC/Android

TV Portal is the app where you can stream movies and shows online from your Android phone with just an internet connection, and the best thing is that it doesn’t use own servers to host their content and uses fastest servers from the web which helps in the rapid rate of downloading shows videos from the internet. If you need to remove ads from this app, you should try using Creehack app for Android.

Due to some Google play store policies Google banned the TV Portal app apk download from the plays store but don’t worry still you can install the app, but now the only option of downloading the app is that download the TV Portal APK and install it manually on your mobile. Here we will discuss everything about the TV portal app.

Version: 1.1.19 apk download
License: Free
Download Size: 4.52 MB
Operating System: Android & Window
Minimum Requirement: Android 4.0+
Category: Video streaming, Entertainment
Features: Stream HD movies and TV shows
Package Name:

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Features of TV portal app:

TV portal app is the best and beautiful app for Android because of its smooth UI and color combination used in the app. There are so many features which we will cover here to give the possible information you can get for TV Portal app and use the app with the possible known functions.

  • The TV Portal app is free of cost which is also an advantage for the user 😀 .
  • All the movies, shows and programs are arranged in the different categories and different tabs which help the user in managing the subscription to only selected categories.
  • You can search your favorite shows and movies in the app by using the search bar available on the home screen or main screen of the TV Portal app.
  • You can also share your favorite list of movies and shows with friends by using the share option available in the app.
  • Buffering is just negligible because they use servers like YouTube and other fastest servers accessible on the internet which ensure the user fastest Streaming experience.
  • TV Portal app has an inbuilt video player who gives the best performance to the user.
  • It provides the multiple URLs for the single show and movies which give the user a choice among URLs so the user can choose the best one which fits the user’s requirements.
  • You can customize the theme of the app which is the very easy task for the user.
  • If you buy the premium version of the app, then you can watch movies and shows without any interruption of ads.

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How to Install TV portal App?

TV portal app is not on play store, so we need to download the APK from the internet, and also we need to do some settings in our phone to make it possible to install the APK, don’t worry they are simple modifications which you need to do.

  1. First, enable “Unknown Source” option by going to the Settings> Lock Screen & Security>Unknown Source, just tap on it, and it will be enabled for you.
  2. Now Download the TV Portal APK from here.
  3. After Downloading Click on file, you downloaded and install it on your phone. After installation is finished, you can find the app in your app drawer.

Congratulations now the TV Portal App is the installed in your mobile now you can stream movies and shows without any interruption.

How to Install TV Portal App in PC:

Yes, you heard right you can install tv portal app in PC too, but you need to install Android emulator software into your computer to enjoy the tv portal app free download. Here we will give you step by step guide to install TV Portal App for PC.


  • Bluestacks App Player.
  • TV Portal APK.
  • Brain :p (No links available. You have already in your body. :v )

Steps to Download and Install TV Portal App for PC:

  1. Download Bluestacks App player into your PC from the link given above. If you have already downloaded, then follow the further steps.
  2. Now open the program which you just downloaded and follow the on-screen procedure to install the Bluestacks app player into your PC.
  3. After installing the Android emulator open it and run it the first time then after it loads the home screen then click on the APK file which we downloaded above and wait for some time while app installation is in the process.
  4. After successful installation, you can browse the app in the app drawer and launch to watch movies and shows.

So now you can enjoy the streaming of movies and shows on your computer too so guys just enjoy and pass your free time with TV Portal app on your computer and mobile.

What things to do if TV Portal is not working?

TV Portal not working for you? Wait… it’s not a hard problem you can solve it very easily just follow the below-given steps and you can use the TV portal app very easily. We know few apps have some issues and if you are getting a problem and TV portal not working for you, then you can solve it here.

  • Force stop the app: If the app is not working or just lags on your phone then you can force stop the app by going to Settings>Apps>TV Portal>Force Stop and again run the app it will solve the lagging problem.
  • Clear Data: if Force stop doesn’t work for you then you can clear the data of the app by clicking clear data from Settings>Apps>TV Portal. It clears the data of the app.
  • Reinstall TV Portal App: Sometimes force stop and clear data not works for few users then the only option left for those users is the Re-installation of the App. Just click on Uninstall from Settings>Apps>TV Portal and again download the APK of the app and install it on your phone.

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These three steps can solve your issues with the TV Portal app. I hope now all the doubts related to TV Portal app are discussed if still, something left you can comment below.

Download Kingo Root for Android & PC Version 4.3.1

As we all know that many Android users are seeking for the free apps and games for their device to download and install. Unfortunately, on the Google PlayStore, you cannot be able to find all the free apps and games to download. It means there are also the apps mainly available for pay. This thing will always bring the users into disappointment. For this issue, visiting an android apk store, it will always benefit you with better-featured apps and games. However, to download those apps, you need to root your device. By rooting your device, you can download any paid apps at free of cost. For this purpose, we are coming up with a best rooting app called Kingo root apk.

App Name: Kingo Root
Version: 4.3.1 apk download
License: Free
Download Size: 2.6 MB
Operating System: Android/Windows
Minimum Requirement: Android 4.0+
Category: Android Root
Features: Easily root android smartphone
Package Name: KingoRoot.apk

Essential of kingo root apk

kingo root app apk

By just clicking a single tap, you can easily root your device without any difficulties. This fantastic rooting app is integrated with great exploits. This thing will help you to avoid connecting with pc or laptop for rooting purpose. So without using any USB connection with PC, you can easily root your device at any moment. If you are struggling to root your device, then don’t worry you can go for another chance as well.

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Features of Kingo Root apk

One must know that this application is mainly developed for Android device to root. So before getting into your android device, you must be aware of best features available for this rooting application.

Easy to root & unroot

After the long usage for rooting purpose, if you are disappointed with this application then no more worries to unroot. It is also very simple for you to unroot in just a single tap without any difficulties.

Free to download

When coming to this rooting application, you can download and install this rooting app on your device at free of cost. Also, it is very flexible for the users to handle at any moment.

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Download any apps & games

By rooting your device with this application, the user can download any number of games and applications on their device. For all these apps and games, you don’t need to pay for it.

How To Download And Install Kingo Root Apk For Android Device

kingo root

People who want to root their Android device can download the kingo rot apk for free from the online site. It’s very easy for the users to download it from the official site. The downloading and installation process is provided here.

Steps to download the kingo root apk file

  • First, go to the online website to download the kingo root apk.
  • Then search for the suitable version for your Android device.
  • Kingo root apk is available for all the latest and updated Android devices.
  • Now tap on the selected apk file and initiate the download process.
  • The downloading will be completed within a second.
  • Save the downloaded file on your device storage.
  • Now start the installation process from your device.
  • Before that ensure that your device doesn’t have any antivirus apps and also enable the unknown sources options.
  • Then enable the installation process. It will be finished within a minute.

The steps and procedure for kingo root apk are downloading, and installation is same for both Android and PC versions. So you can easily use kingo root apk on both platforms without any issues.

How To Root Access Your Android Device Using Kingo Root Apk

Rooting android device with the help of kingo root apk is very simple and completed within one click. Launch the installed apk from your device and open the app. Then click on the root option and enable it. That’s it now your device will be root accessed and available to use any games and apps from the android phone. You can root and unroot your device at any time.

Kingo Root Apk For iOS Device

Kingo root apk for iOS platform is not available with any sites. So you can use any alternatives apps for using the unsecured apps on your iOS device. Most of the time iOS platform never allows using third party apps on the device for any situation. The device is designed in such a way. So try any best alternative ways to experience use those apps for iOS.

Bhim Payment App Apk Download

Bharat interface for money (BHIM) is one of the best initiatives that could have been ever taken for endorsing a cashless nation. Narendra modi has taken this applaudable step by launching this app on 1st of January 2017. The amazing Bheem app allows the users to transfer bucks with just a single click. You don’t need to have a smartphone or a high-tech gadget for using the app. All you need is some basic knowledge regarding the way this app has to be used. The name of the app has been kept in the honor of the great leader Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar who sacrificed majority of his life in serving the poor and the lower caste individuals. So let’s discus the main features of this app in order to know how to download Bhim app and how to use it. It is a must have app for all the mobile phone owners.

bhim app

Direct Bhim app download

In order to download the BHIM app, you need to have at least 5MB of free space in your smartphone along with 2.33 or higher android version. The size of the app is just 1.24MB.

  1. Just click over the link and install the app in your smartphone.
  2. After the installation, select the desire language in the setting option
  3. Click over next
  4. Select “get started”
  5. Allow some of the permissions that the app may demand
  6. Click allow
  7. verify your phone number through the upcoming message
  8. Input the passcode (try to remember this passcode as it will be asked every time you opiate tis app)
  9. Select your bank from the list of banks
  10. The registered account number shall arrayed before your screen as soon as the bank is selected (make sure that you are using the same phone number that has been registered by you with your bank account)
  11. Tap over the back account
  12. You are done!

Now you can initiate quick cashless transactions that are free from hassles and defaults

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How To Use Bhim app

Now we are heading towards the way this app has to be used. Soon after the app has been installed you need to:

  1. Tap over the “send” option      
  2. Input UPI address of the person to whom the money has to be sent
  3. Press “okay”

Generating The QR Code

  1. Open BHIM
  2. Click over the 3 buttons that are situated over the extreme left hand corner of the screen
  3. Input amount
  4. Select on generate QR code

This bar code can be conveniently shared and downloaded.

How To Setting Up UPI Pin In Bhim App

If you have no idea about how to set up the UPI pin, then follow the below steps:

  1. Register the bank account with a PASSCODE
  2. Set up UPI PIN
  3. Soon after you select the pin, your mobile number shall be your financial institution
  4. Just dial *99# from any smartphone for getting a complete transaction and view history via BHIM.

The transactions can be commenced as soon as the UPI PIN has been set. You can even change the mobile number in future if you want. Your mobile number shall be your default UPI number at the initial stage. Later, it can be replaced via PIN or a password.

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More About Bhim Payment App Interface For Money

  1. All the transactions shall be executed through this app in the upcoming years.
  2. The app has been specifically created to uplift the lower section of the society who was absolutely underprivileged and unaware of any technology.
  3. The strong security features of the app won’t let you worry about the security of the transactions.
  4. Easy to use. It can be used by any age group.
  5. The app shall work round the clock just like the internet.
  6. Transaction up to 10000INR can be executed at a time.
  7. The UPI number of the opposite party is needed in order to transfer the money.
  8. Minimum of 5 transactions are requested by the PMO.
  9. The app is based upon immediate payment service (IMPS).
  10. Supports all banks.
  11. Can be used even without smartphones or internet connection.

The Rivalry Of PAYTM And BHIM

The usage of paytm became more prevalent soon after the demonetization took place. Even the low scale vendors switched to paytm for accepting payments. The government subsequently initiated to ease the transactions by bringing up a better app in the nation. There are huge shames and discounts on executing transfers via USSD and repay cards.

The whole sole motive behind launching Bheem app was to bring a unified payment platform. Resultantly, BHIM supports transactions from all the banks. BHIM has been said to be the biggest wonder of the world. The working of this app is just similar to the rest of all the recharge apps. The only difference is that this app is government owned. The first payment made by modi through app was to an Indian khaadi owner.

FAQ Bhim app

Q) What is the transaction limit in the Bhim apk?

A) Max of 10000INR at a time and a total of 20000INR of the transaction are permissible in a day

Q) Which banks are not enlisted?

A) The banks that have not been signed for UPI are not enlisted in the app. There are a total of 21banks supported by the app

Q) How much time does it take to process a transaction in the app?

A) The transactions are based on IMPS method and are hence instant.

Q) Does it support all platforms?

A) Yes, the app is fully supportable in all operating plops. Launch of Bhim app for windows and IOS has already taken place.

Q) Charges for using the BHIM app?

A) There are no charges for making any transaction through this app. Even the IMPS transactions have been kept free through this app.

Q) Do you need to have mobile banking in order to use the app?

A) No, you don’t need to have net banking or mobile banking enabled in order to use the app

Q) How to set UPI pin in the app?

A) Visit the man menu and select the option of set UPI option. 6-digited ATM expiry date is needed to be entered in order to set the UPI. Do not confuse yourself with IMPN and UPI

Voot TV App Apk Download For PC/Android

The talk of the town; Voot app has been finally launched by Viacom network 18 media on 2016, March. The app is throughout supported in IOS and android smartphones. It has more than 28,000 hours of video contents within it which encompasses major TV channels like sonny, colors, nick, star plus, zee TV etc. You can also install voot app on your windows pc by using voot for pc trick.

voot for pc

Voot Colors TV Reality Shows

Major reality shows Bigg boss on voot are featured by the app. Voot Kannada Bigg boss is hosted by Salman khan and well-known contestants are arrayed in this app. the app also showcases jhalak dikhlaja, India’s got talent, khataron ke khiladi and love school as its top priority. The much awaited app comprises of full-fledged serials instead of their short previews.  Soon after few other successful TV apps, Voot came in the market and managed to leave a mark despite of the cut-throat competition.

The Voot TV has been known to display majority of the TV serials thereby turning it to be the favorite of youth. It is being furthermore being customized to support web serials which showcase highly-reputed actors and content. The developers are also planning the betterment of Voot by integrating certain chat features in it.  The web chat series shall be launched with well prepared social topics that already sell like hot cakes in the market. These topics shall include extra-marital sex in which amole Nath; a renowned TV actor shall have a role play. Besides, there will also be some kinky actors who will definitely steal your attention.

Despite of high rating of Voot app, there are some glitches that need to be addressed. The movie and serial collection of this app can be further enhanced so that users can have a cent percent entertainment. Moreover, the need to update the app on frequent basis acts like a data sipper.  The picture quality of the app has been rated fine, but the durations of the advertisements are long and irritating. The only way out to watch ad-free TV serials is to download them instead of streaming.

With Voot app, you can access more TV channels than your regular TV cable would provide. Voot imparts integrates more than just one language in its app. You can scroll in Marathi, kannad, Guajarati, Bangla, and Hindi. The languages have to be selected in the setting option of the app. The video on demand platform generated by Voot is entirely a separate section for the small kids. It has wide range of videos, cartoon shows and entertainment. Voot does not restrict itself to the nick characters. It rather comprises of multiple types of cartoon including the most famous “chota Bheem”. The app also lets the children to read bedtime stories and initiate DIY simple recipes. Voot has unsurpassable security features that let the parents track the TV shows watched by their children.  The security pin feature of the app restricts children from watching any other TV channel which is not fit for them

The amazing VOOT movies

The movie collection of the Voot app apk is amazingly better. It never forces you to watch those same repetitive Cinemax movies that are indeed quite nerve straining. In fact, the app lets you have the newly released movies at your disposal for free. It lets you watch all genres of releases by simply matching your keywords with the movie collection owned by Voot.

Voot App Download for Android and Login

Dissimilar to other mobile apps, Voot needs you to register yourself before you can commence using it. As soon as it is done, the app takes you to the different sections which might carry something of your choice. In case you hit the crime section in the app, then you will get to see those famous TV shows like crime patrol, byomkesh, code red, MTV webbed etc. However, if have your interest in drama then you can definitely switch over to Voot colors TV, sonny and star plus serials which shall indeed match up with your demands. The app is really organized and lets you access whatever you want right away.

How to Download Video’s from Voot App

If you have some favorite TV shows then you can mark them separately in “favorite” section after Voot download and watch them. the “favorite” section of the Voot makes life much easier.  With just couple of clicks, you will begin watching with the desired TV serial.

The app does not need you to wait for the serials to get uploaded over the YouTube to watch them. The buffering free app lets you watch them instantly without any delay.  It just takes couple of hours for this app to update the broadcasted serials in it.

The only glitches with this app

The major problem with this app is that it takes slightly more time during the initialization. However, once it commences, there shall be no possible problems with it.  Therefore, if you are watching around 5-6 TV shows over it one after the another, then you will not have to wait for them to get buffered or loaded. The only thing you should be sure is about the dates of the serials that you want to watch.


Q) Can the history of the app be deleted?

A) Yes It can visit “my profile” > “view more” > “recently watched” > “clear history”

Q) How to restrict children from watching undesired TV content?

A) Add PIN to the kid zone if you don’t want your child to watch anything else part from the cartoon shows. Click on “settings”, school and check “kid zone restrictions” and set up “PIN” in it.

Q) Why the content is not being displayed despite of refreshing the app?

A) The possible reasons could be your internet connection or your browser cache. In case you still can’t access anything in the app then support Voot app through an email. Just write a mail at [email protected]. You can also access com for resolving your problem

Q) Unable to use the app in my phone, whereas it working perfectly fine in laptop. Why?

A) Try to check your internet connectivity and app data saved within your smartphone. If the problem remains the same then an email at [email protected] for troubleshooting the problem. If you are getting bored then you can play an awesome game called Clash of Clans. And you can also install it on your PC. If you want to run on PC follow the steps given on this Site :