360 Root App: Latest English Version (v8.1.1.3) Free Download

Rooting is a process that essentially lets you flash a different ROM than the default android. Once rooting is successful, users can actually unearth the true potential of a smartphone. It gives you the control the minutest functions of a smartphone. The process may be cumbersome but if done properly then you can control your smartphone.

Though there are many ways that can help you root the best one is through an app that does it all for you. 360 Root is one such app. It is a one-touch app that roots your phone so you are free to make changes to your phone. It takes away the headache of any possibilities of rooting failure that often cause a smartphone to get bricked.

What makes 360 Root the Best App for Rooting?

360 app download

There are many ways in which rooting can be done but as the firmware and android versions keep upgrading. With time things are getting difficult and chances of your phone getting dumped are high. Rooting voids the warranty of your phone and you would never want to mess up the process as it can totally brick your device. 360 root tool is an app that has many features which will ease the process for you.

Features of 360Root App

  • Roots your android smartphone with just a click
  • No connection to an external device is required
  • Anyone without a technical knowledge can use the app
  • Once installed, the app lets you uninstall bloatware which are unnecessary apps that cause trouble
  • Apk has a very minimal and simple interface
  • The app removes the cache from your android phone which makes it light to run
  • 360 root comes with an inbuilt system cleaner for your device
  • Provides with security feature for your gallery without downloading any app lock from the play store
  • As per the claims, the app has been run on more than 9000+ devices which means it shall run on almost all the Android smartphone brands

Steps to Install the App & Root the Device

360 root installation steps

The app is not available on Google play store as it violates certain policies.

  1. Open your local browser and download the root 360 Apk file.
  2. Since the Apk has been downloaded from a 3rd party source, you may not be able to install 360 root Apk file immediately. Go to settings>security>unknown sources. Enable the option to download files from unknown sources.
  3. Head to the location where your file has been downloaded. If it was your browser then settings>downloads. See for your file. Else open the local file manager and check in the download section.
  4. Once you spot the file, click open and tap to install. The icon will have 360 followed by something written in Chinese.
  5. Open the root 360 and see the root option. Click on it and let the process complete.
  6. Once done, your phone will be unlocked and root shall be successful. Now you can run rooted apps with ease.

Rooting your Android Smartphone with 360 App

One of the biggest advantages of rooting is that you are free from the bondage of android. You can uninstall all the unnecessary apps and also get rid of the bloatware that ships with every android device. Those apps cripple your device and don’t allow you much freedom. But as it is with tech-related things, rooting has its own set of pros and cons.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Rooting if not done properly can corrupt your device
  • Rooting voids your warranty permanently
  • If not done correctly, rooting may even brick your device

PS: It is always recommended that you backup your device, unroot your device and only then uninstall the app

Steps to Remove and Uninstall 360 Root

The 360root app makes the smartphone believe that the phone has been rooted in letting you download and install apps that have a rooted phone as one of the prerequisites. Once you are done with the apps, you can further uninstall the app.

  1. Open the 360 root app
  2. Click on the lock icon, it shall show you the apps that need root access.
  3. If the bar beside the app is green in color, basically something written in Chinese. It means those apps are working fine.
  4. Go to the home screen of the app and click on the 3 dots above, the dots reside either on top or bottom.
  5. Click on the second options which shall again be in Chinese.
  6. A new tab will open, see a separate option that has two Chinese characters followed by the word ROOT
  7. You will get a popup in Chinese. Click on the white bar. It will remove root from your Android smartphone
  8. You can check if it worked or not by opening the root checker app.

Once you have removed the root, the next process is very simple. You just have to uninstall the root 360 app, unlike any other app that you uninstall.

360download FAQs

What is an exploit?

An exploit is basically a bug that hampers the normal functioning of an application or a software. When we talk the same thing in the context of Android Rooting process, it is termed as an “exploit”. Few antivirus software or an anti-malware software may label 360 root tool as a malware. The truth is 360root has no such malicious files and even if the team has worked their way on an exploit, It was only done with one intention to root your android device.

What is the reason behind my root failure?

  • Users of HTC, Huawei or Cool mobile phones will have to unlock their device to further root it.
  • The root system might also due to the upgradation of your mobile phone’s operating system. Like if you upgrade from Android Nougat to Android Oreo, you will need to upgrade your OS.
  • If you have downloaded multiple apps for the purpose of rooting then you are letting the apps clash among themselves which can have serious consequences.

How to remove root?

  1. Go to the top right corner of the 360 super root main screen.
  2. Click on the settings option and select “Remove Root”

Why does the root fail after my phone restarts?

The problem lies in the fact that all such devices are not factory unlocked. To avoid such issues, you should install the app on devices other than those manufactured by Huawei, HTC, and Cool.

Though you can use the app to root them too they will need to be unlocked before rooting. See for the unlock tutorial.

Does my root impact warranty?

In all the cases, root voids the warranty of smartphone. Once you root the device, you lose any chances of reviving back the device in case a goof up happens. That’s why users should root at their own risk.

How to Translate 360 Root to English?

For 360 root tool, you can’t change the Chinese language into English. If all apps are on your phone are coming in Chinese then you have to change your phone’s language but if any particular app is in Chinese then it can’t be changed. You have to download a new one in English or update it if there exists any version that comes in the English language.

To change the default language of your phone from Chinese to English:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. In settings, look for the option language & input
  3. Change the language as per your ease