WordPress Paid Theme vs. Free Theme: Which one is better?

If you have been on WordPress or are looking forward to join, let me warn you in advance for one of the hard choices you’ll have to make. WordPress offers the layout theme in two categories – Paid and Free. While paid looks attractive and more eye catching, free of course have an edge because they are free. This tough choice for writers is not something new; it’s been from the starting. So don’t you think that it is something which should have an answer by now?

WordPress is not something steady. They like to make changes, and by this, I mean real changes. One day you might have an opinion about a feature, and after their updates, your view might change completely. WordPress likes to play with the plug-ins, themes and cores. “Change is the only constant” – WordPress seems to take this proverb seriously. With all these continuous advancements undertaking, having a permanent opinion would be unfair to the site.

Is it necessary to go for paid themes and plug-ins? Can’t we make a great writing using the existing plug-ins and page builders? Are free page themes not good enough to generate traffic?

The answer to above and all other related questions are YES. With the options provided by WordPress to their free users, creating a starter base is really helpful. But paid themes are not free for a reason. Using them would definitely give any writer an edge. So out of these two options, which one should you go for? This is exactly what we are going to figure out through below mentioned post.


As we have discussed earlier, succeeding using the free WordPress themes is not laborious, given that you use it effectively. Understand your needs and check whether all of your requirements are met by “free themes” or not. Let us have a look at the pros and cons that free WordPress themes have to offer and then would weigh the option accordingly.

  • Pros for the free WordPress Themes:
  1. FREE FREE FREE: Having something useful for free is what makes us happy. The name itself explains the benefit it contains. For someone who’s not sure about their success in writing business and is only thinking of giving this field a try. Free themes are the perfect for them.
  2. WordPress owns them, and can be traced under the site Admin: Unlike the paid options, where you have to contact or visit a third party’s site or other marketplace, free themes are under WordPress admin. Even though the free options could be find at other places, that wouldn’t be a smart choice. This will be clear in your head after going through the next pros.
  3. Any theme downloaded from the official WordPress column has undergone through the review process. Getting original is always good. Downloading from the official site ensures the quality which any theme carries. Compatibility is checked unlike in premium options where third party breaks the base level in order to make sale. Using these tactics without consideration can create a negative impact to their users.
  4. Free themes of WordPress are more compatible to plugins than the premium
  5. Why to pay for features which you don’t want: Even though you might get some attractive themes and cool features in premium options. But those third parties won’t allow you to alter any pack. You’ll have to buy every feature that comes along any pack, even though it is of no use to you. So you will have to pay for something you won’t use. Instead with free themes, having few unused tools are of no harm.
  • Cons of the Free WordPress Themes:
  1. Since they’re free, they lack any kind of support. You’ll have to accept the theme as it is. Even though if it carries any aspect of bug along with. You cannot troubleshoot the theme according to you. The most you can do is rely on the support service provided by WordPress.org.
  2. They’re passive i. with less updates: Unlike what we have discussed earlier, WordPress isn’t much active about their free themes collection. Well, this isn’t really an issue, unless you have lost your interest in that theme. You can also not update the WordPress install you have, because doing that will break your theme and also may be a potential threat to your security.
  3. Free WordPress themes are not user friendly for both – page creators and visitors. This issue can be felt clearly on the background issue. The first thing that any user notices in your page is its appearance and the background it contains. While premium WordPress themes have made considerable efforts in making their theme experience enjoyable. This isn’t the case with free themes.
  4. With free, comes security threat: Security of free WordPress themes is easily penetrable. The more we update our WordPress, the more is the potential of being cheated. The new updated themes might carry some malicious code which could be designed to perform any specific task. Therefore, it is advised to stick to the official page and guidelines.


Premium WordPress development agency Pune themes are the themes one can buy from marketplace from any available third party. You can easily find the authors and sites praising the premium theme option. With all the praise it carries in the market, it is really difficult to find their cons. The developers also try to build their theme keeping its users in their mind. So, chance of disappointment for themes is comparatively less in this case. But before making up your mind for the premium themes, have a look at points mentioned below.

  • Pros of Paid WordPress Themes:
  1. Premium WordPress themes come along with excellent support via customer forum, phone, mails etc. Unlike the free themes which offer only general WordPress support, this is a bonanza for premium users. This gives you a platform to think according to the developers, so that you don’t miss any feature. Also it helps you a lot in doing the maximum out of available options and heading in correct direction.
  2. You get the quality against all the money you spent. This point is quite obvious. The revenue that developers generate is spent on making your experience more enjoyable. They account your feedbacks and queries, and work continuously to make themselves better. Therefore, premium themes need to be updated regularly in order to experience the latest changes.
  3. Paid WordPress themes come along with advanced functions. This is a good sign in one sense. Even though it seems complex, but it’s really helpful for site builders. They can customize their page more definitely. Using these advanced tools, site builders can make their page look different from the other pages using the same WordPress theme.
  4. With paid WordPress themes, designing is much better. You can design your page according to you. From menus to backend pages, choosing good design will definiltely improve your productivity and business.
  5. Security is not something with which you would like to compromise. With all the money page builders spend to purchase themes, the developers use them to increase the security standards for their users.
  6. Paid WordPress themes are more update friendly and reactive to all the changes undergoing in WordPress core. The updates are about security and bugs. Working on any out dated theme may result in many problems. Updating regularly is the only medicine which can cure the situation and make your experience at the site better.
  • Cons of Paid WordPress themes:
  1. It’s all about money. Suppose you open the market to look out all the available premium theme options. It may happen that the theme for which your eyes settled is quite expensive. If you’re just passionate about writing and are creating the page just as a part of your hobby, then dipping into wallet for these themes is not a smart choice.
  2. Unlike free WordPress themes, paid themes are not officially reviewed. Since it is third parties which mostly own the paid themes, support of official WordPress team doesn’t come along. Having a hand of the official team can be really helpful for some areas. So not having this team might result into a bit of annoyance, or a bit of money in other case.
  3. The theme developers can leave your side at any point. Consider a case where you are engaged with some theme for your page. Now the theme builders have stopped updating their product and you’re left with the present state of theme along with bugs (if it has any). Now what you’ll have to do is hire an expert to deal with it, or do the labor of shifting to another theme. In both cases one thing is common – you losing money.

In the end, your needs and preferences matter the most. Weigh the pros and cons against your situation and make a smart choice. Feel free to drop your queries in comment box. Some themes are developed by WordPress development agency

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