Periscope for Pc Download For Windows 7,8,10 [Updated]

Periscope for PC is a live video streaming application for Android and IOS platform developed by two partners Joe Bernstein and keyvon Bekykpour. Periscope application was acquired by Twitter before the launch in the year 2015. In twitter, you can read about the live events happening in other countries whereas in periscope you can broadcast the live events on the internet with a hashtag and see where news is breaking. With the use of periscope, you can instantly share live videos on twitter or any other social media.

Features of Periscope

  • You can broadcast a live video and interact with other people through comments and likes just like other social media.
  • Keep yourself updated with the real-life live events happening around the world.
  • Share your live video on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platform.
  • Follow news networks and celebrities and see what they have to share.

Periscope application has over 10 million downloads and it is one of the best live video broadcasting application compared to other live video apps.

periscope for pc

Map view

The map view allows users to see where the live videos are being uploaded and can easily click on the video and view it. You can also start your live streaming which remains on the internet for 24 hours then expires just like the WhatsApp and Instagram stories but in periscope, you do get the option to save the live streaming in your camera roll so that you can keep the video if you want to or share on other social media applications.

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Advantages of Periscope

Periscope application was developed to share the live video because in other social media applications people were only be able to share status in writing of the event which nobody was truly able to see, so this application is best for what it is developed for.

Disadvantages of Periscope

This application is still developing and it has only 10 million downloads which are not less but compared to Facebook and Twitter this is not even close, this means there is still a lot of hard work to be done by the Another thing which we did not like in this application is many times people get mass reported by a community because of usual reason and this application bans the person without any inquiry though that will get sorted out after a few updates rest is all great.

Due to the live feature of the periscope application you might see the stuff which you will later think wish you didn’t see, there are abusive and sexual videos uploaded by people which may be hard for the app to determine and take down automatically.

Download Periscope For PC

Download Periscope For PC

Even though this app is application runs officially only for Android and iOS devices but you can download periscope for PC with our guide on how to download periscope for Pc.

To download the periscope application first you will need to download and install blue stacks or AndyOS application into your computer.You can download blue stacks from this link and download AndyOS.

Blue stack / AndyOS are Android emulators by which you can use Android applications and games on your computer, it has all the applications you need pre-installed like the google play store, G-mail and camera application, this application allows you to download and run any application from the google play store.

  1. After downloading and installing the blue stacks from the above-given link, run the application on your computer
  2. Sign-in or Sign-up using your google account.
  3. Then open the google play store application and search periscope
  4. Download the application from play store or
  5. If you are unable to access the play store you can download from here and install directly to the android emulator.

How to use the Periscope

  1. After the installation is done open the periscope app.
  2. And select create a new account.
  3. And sign up using Facebook, Google, Twitter or your phone number whichever is convenient for you.
  4. After the signup is done follow all the popular news and sports channels to get a notification when they upload a live broadcast.
  5. You can go to map section to check out live videos from other countries or upload your live streaming.

To let people, know more about your self you can jump to profile section and set a photo of you and add details like your birthdate and tell more about yourself like your hobbies and other things that you like to do. If you do not want to share the live streaming with strangers you can create your own group and share the video with them only.

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How to save live stream in my gallery?

If you have shared something that you do not want to erase after 24 hours then it makes complete sense to save the video into your gallery to view or share that video later, to download the live stream you have to go to settings and there you will find an option Automatic broadcast turn that option on and it will directly save the live stream into your gallery.

Security and privacy

Periscope application is used by people around the world and they are not always innocent, children who are using periscope gets vulgar comments from strangers, Recently many videos were found of children broadcasting videos from their bedroom unknowing that the video is being shared on the internet and getting viral, make sure to not use this application to share your private life videos or pass any vulgar or sexual connect as the periscope has strong content moderation policy and zero tolerance for any form of child sexual exploitation which might get you in trouble.

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