Psiphon 3 Install In Your Computer For Easy Use

Hello everyone this is a simple tutorial for those who don’t know what is Psiphon 3 and its use. In this tutorial I’am going to show you how to install psiphon 3 to bypass any firewall and do internet without any blocking. Before doing any thing you need to know how to install psiphon 3 in your computer for better use.

psiphon 3 connected

Psiphon 3 is a very easy to use tunneling application which allow us to view content on the internet. The content which is not available to you in your country or in your network.

First of all download Psiphon 3 in your computer with the help of given link below.

Download Link :-

Once you have downloaded psiphon 3 from that link. Psiphon 3 is ready to use in your computer. The default location of download is in the download folder. It is very difficult to go to the folder then start psiphon 3 every time you start your computer. So for this reason copy the setup file of psiphon 3 to the desktop and place it in any corner of your desktop.

Psiphon 3 setup

The best thing about Psiphon 3 is we don’t have to install it in our computer just download the file your work is over. In my case I pined the setup file of psiphon 3 in my start bar. Through this I can easily click on icon and it get started. It is an portable application.

psiphon 3 downloading new version

When you first start it takes come time to connect to the closest proxy server. Then it will automatically downloads the newer version. And it configure all the application to use the proxy server by providing the local ip address which is on the port 8080. Or you can manually configure any application to use psiphon by adding local proxy server.


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