How to buy a ticket without going outside?

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Computer technologies are developing every day, and this, or that service become available online. There was a time when internet was only used as the source of information. When you had to look up for something, you would go to the search engines like and with whatever little it could provide you would content yourself. The times, however, have changed decidedly. There is so much more to internet than just being the information repository. Today Internet it is not only an information service but also a system that provides tangible services.

Of course Internet continues to serve as an information provider big time, but the other aspects of it have become equally important. Internet has been in use as a marketplace for quite a while now. Just about anything you want to buy is available on internet. Books, movies, cars, grocery, consumer appliances, services, and what not; everything is available on internet.

Another example of it is a possibility to buy tickets over the Internet: on aeroplanes, on trains, in theatres, cinemas, and other leisure centres. The person even doesn’t need to go outside; he can comfortably sit on his sofa and order what he wants with the help of his laptop.

Here are most frequently asked questions and useful answers to them.

Q1. How can user order tickets?

First, he has to find an event that he wants to visit. It can be easily done through search functionality of TicketCrab website. Can you see that red smiling crab with tickets? Here you can find an event or some concert. Next step a user should do is to click “Buy Ticket” on the selected page of the concert, “Cart” or “Plus sign”. After that, he chooses the desired number of tickets and type of delivery method. Also, he opts most convenient payment method and fills required personal data.

Buying things, especially the tickets, was not as easy a decade ago as it is now. While the aforementioned process may seem to be long drawn and tedious, in practice it is just a matter of few clicks. Even on the page where you need to enter the personal details, you don’t need to type in a lot. The sites like the one we have mentioned above want to make things as simple as possible for the users. They ask for the least possible information in order to ensure that the whole process remains uncomplicated and hassle-free for you. Many websites also let you create an account with them so that you don’t have to supply the information repeatedly.

Q2. What is the electronic ticket?

Electronic ticket it is a great way to receive a good seat to the selected event. After making successful payment – e-ticket will be sent to the client in his e-mail. Ticket can be printed with the help of a standard printer, or it can be downloaded to his smartphone/tablet. Then it is needed to show its unique barcode when entering the event. By the way, if you cannot open that pdf-file (your ticket), then download a free program that is called AdobeReader.

  • What should a customer do if he doesn’t have e-mail?

Well, electronic address is a significant part of virtual life. So, it is necessary to create your own. It is not hard.

The electronic ticket spares you from the inconvenience of standing in long queues. For instance, if you intend to attend a very sought after concert, buying the ticket physically would mean standing in a long queue. Also, there is always the risk of the tickets being sold out. By buying the ticket online you not only save yourself the inconvenience of standing in a long line, you also ensure that you secure a ticket for the event.

You may have also noticed that you could get discounts through the online sales of the tickets. Such discounts are usually not available at the counters.

Q3. How can he or she pay for a ticket?

There are few ways, and you can choose the most comfortable one. You can pay via a payment card of any bank. Also, you can use payment terminals (iBox, PrivatBank, EasyPay, Qiwi, City). And there is a possibility to pay by dint of PayPal.

The trustworthy site booking sites incorporate a safe and secure payment gateway to ensure that your payment information remains protected. With the digitally encrypted transactions your credit, debit, and bank information remains secure. Some of the sites also save your payment information so that you could easily make the payment next time. They also make sure that your saved information is thoroughly protected.

Q4. What should a buyer do if he didn’t receive a ticket to e-mail?

You don’t need to worry. First, you have to review your Spam / Junk E-mail folder. It often happens that a letter with a ticket can be found there. Also, you need checking your personal account on the site.

If you are still not able to find your ticket and the payment has been deducted from the bank account, you can contact the customer service to get the issue resolved. The company will raise the ticket and take care of your problem within a matter of days.

Q5. Make sure that payment was successful.

If it is not your name written on the ticket. Can you use this ticket?

The answer is yes, of course. When you enter a unique scan ticket barcodes, it does not matter the name that is given to it. But if you have an individual ticket then the name is important. But such data is shown when buying a ticket. Therefore, you can easily buy tickets for friends.

Q6. What if I lost or simply damaged my ticket?

It is worth knowing that electronic ticket can be easily restored. Just download and print it again from the e-mail or your personal account.

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