GOM VPN Free Tricks To Bypass Cyberoam 2017

Gom VPN is an free proxy site and it has extensions for every browser. If you are in an university or college you can encounter an problem in your internet provided by collage “You are not authorized to access this site.” Do you want to bypass your firewall or blocking security to access websites which are blocked then you can use this trick to bypass cyberoam or any other firewall just by using GOM VPN. GOM bypass any firewall in between your browser and server.

gom vpn

“Gom uses a mix of tunneling technologies (SPDY SSL proxies, OpenVPN and IPSEC) to redirect our users’ traffic around firewalls that block access to web servers. We simplify these complicated mix of technology into a simple, and consistent button that you press when you need to access blocked content.” Source GetGOM

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Steps To Bypass Cyberoam 2017

VPN Software’s like ProXPN, PD-proxy and many are there which takes lots of time to connect to the remote server and also they have very low speed. But GOM VPN full can solve all these problems and let me again tell you GOM is a VPN to bypass cyberoam security or you can say any firewall. GOM is also available for gom vpn iphone so you can also use it on your Iphone.

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Those three steps to setup GOM VPN are:-

  1. GOM vpn is available as google chrome extension, android app, firefox addon and iOS app so select and add which ever you want. If you use google chrome the go for chrome extension. Gom is providing gom vpn app for android as well as for iOS.
  2. You will need a gmail account to register and login to gom website. So if you have one directly go to gom official website and register then activate gom vpn account.
  3. You need to login to gom then after login they will ask you to “Activate GOM VPN“. That’s it now you are connected to GOM proxy server means you can access any website.

These are the simple steps you need to follow to get fully activated gom vpn account and you gom proxy to access any site on your system.

If you are not getting any thing then you can watch this video which will help you to understand things in better way.

GOM VPN is free of cost but it also have pricing for premium VPN proxy member. If you want to buy GOM VPN you can get it by $2.99 per month or $34.99 per year. And it also have one other option of buying one time it is of $149 one-time fee.

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Final Words

So that’s it now you know how to bypass cyberoam or any other network firewall to access blocked websites and some other options you have are free proxy sites, vpn proxy, proXPN, psiphon 3 for windows and the 2017th best option is GOM VPN. If you have any doubt then you can ask me in comment section and I will give you the answer ASAP. Also share your experience with other vpn tools or any other best VPN tool it will be helpful for everyone over here.


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