Cain and Abel Password Reset Software

Password reset software for windows cain and abel. It is an free windows password recovery tool. The working of this tool is very similar to other password reset softwares.

Cain and Abel tool is fast but the negative point of this tool is you have to install it on the computer from a working user account. But you can use it for password reset.

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Features of Cain and Abel

  • WEP Cracking :- You can crack the password key of WEP wireless network.
  • Packet Capture :- The speed of packet capturing by Cain and Abel is very high.
  • VoIP :- This tool can record VoIP call or conversation.
  • Scrambled Passwords :- Can able to decode scrambled passwords.
  • Calculating hashes, Traceroute
  • It can reveal password boxes.
  • Uncovering cached passwords.
  • Dumping protected storage passwords
  • ARP spoofing
  • IP to MAC Address resolver
  • Network Password Sniffer
  • LSA secret dumper
  • And Many more…..

cain and abel password reset tool


Some Pros and Cons of Cain and Abel :-


  • Password recovery tools are completely free of cost.
  • There are many ways to crack passwords.
  • The speed of password recovery is very fast.


  • For cracking with “Rainbow Tables” you must download it from other source.
  • You must install it to hard drive.
  • Must have access to another administrator account on the computer.
  • Variety of other built-in hacking tools might intimidate novice users.
  • I haven’t gotten it to work in Windows 8, 7, or Vista.

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