10 Best SeedBox Hostings In 2017: Cheapest Dedicated Servers

Have you ever been on slow internet connection? Slow Download….Slow Upload. I know that can be very annoying sometimes especially when you are in some really serious business!!

GOTCHA!!! now you don’t have to worry because in this post we will be covering some of the best seedboxes that will definitely resolve your problem.

So, What’s a Seedbox?

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SeedBox is basically a remote server which is hosted at a high bandwidth data centre. This serves the purpose of high uploading and downloading of the digital files. The uploading and downloading of these digital files take place at a high speed ranging from 100MBPS to around 10GBPS.

Furiously fast!! Isn’t it?

This is the reason why most of the companies involving a high amount of downloading and uploading os data choose to opt for SeedBox hosting providers. So, here we have presented the list of some SeedBox hosting companies to go with.

10 Good Seedbox Server Providers [TABLE]

EvoSeedBox1 GBPS to 2 GBPS2 TB120 GB$5 per month
SeedStuff100 MBPSUnlimited100 GB$10 per month
UltraSeedBox150 MBPS2 TB300 GB $9 per month
SeedBoxBay1 GBPSUnlimited100 GB$5 per month
DediSeedBox1 GBPSUnlimited400 GB$15 per month
SeedBox.io1 GBPSUnlimited600 GB$15 per month
SuperBoxes1GBPSUnlimited300 GB,$10 per month
SeedBoxsol1 GBPSUnlimited250 GB$8 per month
BlackWidowHosting1 GBPS8 TB1000 GB$15 per month
Tuvin Hosting1GBPSUnlimited100 GB $10 per month

Top 10 Cheap SeedBox Hosting Companies

I myself have reviewed each and every service I mention in my post after a rigour testing. For your convenience, I have compiled them in a list. Go through the list and find the best one for operating your business at high speed.

1. EvoSeedBox

EvoSeedBox is one of the cheapest SeedBox hosting companies providing high-speed data transfer rates ranging from 1GBPS to 2GBPS. It offers a high bandwidth of 2 TB and 120 GB space for storage at just $5 per month making it the cheapest of all.

2. SeedStuff

SeedStuff SeedBox hosting company offers 100 MBPS data transfer rate, 100 GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth ensuring that the speed of data transfer is not compromised. All these features are available at $10.

3. UltraSeedBox

UltraSeedBox offers 300 GB storage space, 2 TB bandwidth and data transfer speed of 150 MBPS at just $9. It is one of the highly used and recommended SeedBox hosting by the users.

4. SeedBoxBay

On the 5th spot of our seedbox reviews, we have SeedBoxBay!!

SeedBoxBay is another most recommended SeedBox hosting company offering unlimited bandwidth, 1GBPS data transfer speed, and 100 GB storage space at just $5.

5. DediSeedBox

DediSeedBox has created a revolution in SeedBox hosting industry by providing the unlimited bandwidth that ensures the flawless data transfer at higher rates. 1GBPS is the optimum speed offered with 400 GB storage space at just $15.

6. SeedBox.io

SeedBox.io is a versatile SeedBox hosting providing offering unlimited bandwidth with 1 GBPS data transfer rate, and 600 GB storage at a little high price of $15.

7. SuperBoxes

On number 7th spot of our seedbox comparison list, we have SUPERBOXES!!

SuperBoxes is competing with DediSeedBox when it comes to bandwidth by offering unlimited bandwidth at 1GBPS data transfer rate. Though the storage offered is only 300GB, but the price is adjusted to $10 per month.

8. SeedBoxsol

SeedBoxsol offers 250 GB storage, 1 GBPS data transfer rate and unlimited bandwidth at just $8. It delivers the best services to its users without any interruption or lags.

9. BlackWidowHosting

Forget about storage space running out. BlackWidowHosting offers a massive 1000GB storage space to its users and a bandwidth of 8TB. The data transfer speed of 1GBPS is provided for quick data transfer. All these features are accessible at $15 per month.

10. Tuvin Hosting

Tuvin is another cheap SeedBox Hosting provider providing 100 GB storage space with unlimited bandwidth and 1GBPS data transfer rate at just $10.

By So far you must have got yourself a seedbox. It will definitely open the ways for high-speed internet connections.

The Best Part?

You can even further increase the download speed in seedbox. Check this out!!!

Final Words

This was the list of top 10 best SeedBox hosting providers of 2017. If you are looking for quick data transfer with high storage capacity then you should surely choose one of these SeedBox hosting providers.

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